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by Heini van Niekerk




A series of architectural essay's on life, consumerism, post-capitilism, experimenting wit philosophy us and the world.


One example is using the cut and paste technique from William S Boroughs, The Job (Experiment I) and the hallucinations which shapes worlds and visions, many parts of this book, informs you to think on a metaphorical level and to read between the lines. The story is not the story, it's now.


Prisoners of Earth, 83:108


I work for 23 Screwball Department. We got our files on all nut

cases and each case is classified. We intend to destroy the police

machine and all its records. To put it “country simple”, we have

heard enough bullshit. “Joe” may my flesh rot if this department

knows you are talking about it…bleeding profusely he was carried

into the lobby where he described his assailant as the “Lamb of god

from the beast 666” after three Martinis. It’s the normal process of

conditioning people to believe what they’re told.


I sit down in my room and open the window and light a sigarette.

There is a young woman who lives in the chateau above the garden.

The new way of thinking is the thinking you would do if you didn’t

have to think about any of the things you ordinarily think about

if you had no work to do nothing to be afraid of no plans to make.

The training is often interrupted with nausea, a springlike pressure

around the forehead, cold shivers alternating with hot flashes.

“Well chicken I think you’ll live”.


I look out the glass wall and that post card fjord explodes in my

brain green and pink and blue. The brain artefact has a built-in

mechanism that prevents it from solving problems and that mechanism

is The Word.


Dualism is the whole basis of this planet

po(ten)cy / p010c

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