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Heini van Niekerk

Magda Gradzka



‘ All That Is Solid Melts into Air ’

Marshall Berman



Ghett (o) conomy takes you through a journey of

social space, analysis and historical reference on

the Ghetto of Venice and the Economist Building,



The exploration aims to identify the urban grids and

uses via solid space vs. time fi rst, as the gaps only

become visible by means of what surrounds them.

These gaps, the invisible are now visible by adjusting the readers lenses through a series of diagrams which highlights and equates to a new order of social space.


What might’ve been a very small physical object

may now carry the most signifi cant weight in regards to the truth contained within a social space

... thus what seemed to be the largest controlling

object could now be gone...melted into thin air.

Ghett (o) conomy

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