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Extract (C) ity : DNA Table

Old Comtpon Street : SOHO : London

Capturing the DNA of a City, Old Compton Street, Soho, London


For centuries everything in Soho, right up to this point in time has evolved around the table as a basic form.

Strippers still dancing on tables, cofee being served at tables and bussiness deals happening around tables.


Adjust your mind shift and welcome yourself to a dystopia where I have created a paradigm shift by looking at our cities as organisms, streets the veins and people the corpucells transporting and delivering function to a sense of place and character. Old Compton Street, Soho, London were dysected, analysed and mometarely paralysed as I have extracted the DNA of the city...henced refered to as Extract (C) ity.


The qualities between characters and their experiences and attitudes were classified as fixes and the indexed as drug catogories of Class A, B, C and Legal.


The extracted DNA were them preserved between the two street scenes of Old Compton Road below the

natural street level as an invisible within the form of a table. Why a table you might ask.?..simple


The Queen Anne legs makes reference to the old furniture factory within Soho but as pointed out by a witty character: "Queen Annes legs are now around Prince Albert neck!


Hope you all enjoy it.


University: London South Bank University

Year: BA (Hons) Part I, Year 5


Group C Credits:

Heini van Niekerk

Allan Ross

Jan Stephens

Ali Hassan


Seamus Ward

Michael Evans

Alex Graef



003 Heini van Niekerk - DNA Table 0037 Heini van Niekerk - DNA Table 0041 Heini van Niekerk - DNA Table