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Sound in Motion : Senses II

For millennia, architects have been relying on one main sense ...namely vision. This project aimed to reverse the typology associated with this everyday post modern vision. Sound in Motion depicts the line where symbolism exceeds the program of reality. The image depicts the journey Heini van Niekerk went on when he sat next to a tree in Hyde Park along the Serpentine Lake, closed his eyes and sketched blindly what the sounds around him "feels like" with his eyes closed.


Being in darkness you're much more focused on your surrounding environment and you realise that sound is not a constant force as it's always moving. As a result his imaginary eye followed the paths of leaves blowing in the wind. These invisible wind trails and the clashing sounds of leaves were then all drawn as lines overlayed with a reality and a perspective higher than the park in an almost cosmic aura where one can looks down onto a smaller more refined microcosmic city below made up of nature and the invisible forces of nature at work. These are only some of the small things architects sometimes fail to see.


The project which were described as a beautiful and poetic project by architect Sara Shafiei & Ben Cowd from the Architectural Association, London includes a series of 20 images with the final collage titled "Sound in Motion" where symbolism exceeds the program and senses becomes a dimensional reality.


Sound in Motion was also published in the leading architectural newspaper  "bd" Building Design, UK.


Senses II - Heini van Niekerk - LSBU (Small File)